Our top tips for hosting the perfect dinner party!

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Our top tips for hosting the perfect dinner party!
  • Remember your guests are already really happy to have been invited, so being a relaxed and happy host goes a very long way to creating the perfect mood.
  • If you love to entertain but cooking just isn’t your thing – one word, cheat! Nobody wants a host who is stressed out in the kitchen, so arrange a large plate of antipasti to start, get Mr Marks & Spencer to provide the main, and for dessert chop up some lovely fresh fruit alongside some ice cream, or serve a cheeseboard instead.
  • Love to cook but haven’t got the time to produce all three courses? The trend right now is for everyone to help out and bring a course, so allocate someone the starter and someone else the dessert, which leaves you free to concentrate your efforts on the main course.
  • Candles, candles, candles.  From lanterns on your front door step, to tea lights in the cloakroom, you can never have enough!
  • Organise your music in advance by creating a playlist – think about starting off gently and throughout the meal, then get more upbeat as the party gets into full flow.
  • Set the table earlier in the day if you can – times flies by and just seeing it done will make you feel more in control.
  • Have a tray of champagne or cocktails ready to offer your guests so everyone is happy while you sort out coats etc.
  • Don’t forget the drivers/non-drinkers.   Making an effort and offering something more exciting than sparkling mineral water will make them feel loved.  How about sparkling elderflower with a slice of lime over ice, or make a Seabreeze (4 parts cranberry juice and 2 parts grapefruit juice).
  • Make sure there are jugs of water on the table so your guests can help themselves.
  • But most importantly, relax, smile and enjoy your friends company in your lovely home!

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