Dancing Queen

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Dancing Queen

Recently, our daughters had their school disco, coming out all pink cheeked and laughing…which made us think, why is it when we get to a certain age, the opportunities for a good old boogie (showing our age using that word!) get less and less?

SO to add to our mission of bringing the dinner party back, we want to bring back our inner dancing queens as well! None of us particularly want to stand in a sweaty club surrounded by 16 year olds (well, some might!), so our solution is simple. Next time you have your friends round for supper (and we’ve all made the resolution to do that more often haven’t we?!), take the opportunity to dust down those dancing shoes as well. Invest in a good old fashioned glitter ball and hang it above your dining table. After you’ve eaten, had a few drinks and a good old natter, push back the table and chairs, put on whatever tunes you are in the mood for and hey presto, instant disco! It really doesn’t get any better than being in your own club with just your friends and with complete control of the music (and you get to burn off the calories you’ve just consumed – genius!).

You could theme your whole dinner party around it by getting everyone to send in their requests in advance so you can make a playlist and getting your friends to dress up, or you could just surprise them all – either way, we guarantee it will be a winner.

If you’re stuck for a tune, we’ve put together a You are SO invited playlist to get you into the groove!

Happy dancing!



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