SO because Love is…..

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SO because Love is…..


CELEBRATING with your someone special on Valentine’s Day… and because we SO like to share the love, here are our top 10 tips for the perfect night in.

  1. Find two champagne flute tumblers – the most on trend way to drink bubbles!   (try Heals)  or jam jars and fill them with…
  2. The wine critics’ choice of bubbles  – Aldi’s Brut Champagne!  And at £9.99 a bottle you can splash out on something naughty to go with it..
  3. Get a special take out.  We recommend Cavendish Cooks ( for that home cooked but luxury touch.
  4. Candles, candles, candles!  Max out on  tea lights, create a heart shape, place chilled bubbles and glasses in the middle, light and stand back and admire (Boyz this is SO one for you!)
  5. Kinda cheesy but thoughtful – make sure that special song of yours is playing!
  6. Make the effort to buy their favourite flowers – this will win you more brownie points than a dozen red roses from the supermarket.  And lots of them in vases, jars etc dotted all over the house will be extra brownie points!
  7. Sofa, blanket, snuggle, fire, chocolates – you know where that goes….
  8. Grey is the new black (50 shades of??!) so boyz get smartened up
  9. It doesn’t always have to be about the 14th February.  Make a once a week date night your valentine’s promise
  10. REMEMBER don’t be someone’s Saturday night,… be someone’s Sunday morning

On that note, stop reading, get planning and sweep that special someone off their feet!

Happy Valentine’s
YouareSOinvited to
Be Ours
Helen & Claire

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