We believe attention to detail is everything when it comes to party favours. There’s nothing that makes your guests feel more special than receiving a tailor-made gift personalised to them. Whatever their passion – fashion, sport, music, animals – we’ll create a bespoke gift for you to give that’ll really touch them.

Here are just a few examples of party favours that we’ve produced for our clients:

  • a luxurious box of matches with “I’ve met my match” printed on the front, gift-wrapped for a wedding
  • oil & vinegar from a bride & groom’s special holiday, re-bottled in a vintage Harrods bottle
  • personalised cufflinks with “L” & “R” cut from the Mallory logo made for their Managing Director Robert Vander Woerd
  • a picture commissioned from local artist Claire Isaacs for Jane Ingham, owner of Mediaclash, made from past front covers of Bath Life magazine
  • a selection of beautifully wrapped dog treats for dog-lover Morag Scott-Farrar of Vanguard PR

In order to deliver the best gift for you, we will meet & get the low-down on your guests – sometimes it’s the smallest details about them that we can use for inspiration that will make them realise you really care.

And of course, even if we’re not organising the party for you, we would be delighted just to provide the party favours!

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