The Latest Trend! ‘Not in the house’ Teen Parties…

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The Latest Trend! ‘Not in the house’ Teen Parties…

You know the scenario, your teen is desperate to have their friends over and throw a really ‘cool’ party to celebrate their birthday, and all you can think is ‘not in my house’! Fret no longer, the girls at You are SO invited have the perfect solution…

We can turn any of your outdoor spaces – garage or summerhouse, for example – into the perfect party pad. We will style it so it is no longer recognisable in it’s original form, provide a bar area serving ‘mocktails’ (that’s cocktails without the alcohol!), cool seating areas, music, lights, food, portaloos, red carpet entrance, photographer – the possibilities are endless. If they need a bigger space, we can hire in a small marquee or yurt.

It’s a win win situation for both of you – they can feel independent in their own space, while you can them supervise from the comfort of your teenager-free house.

Your teen will be the talk of the town for all the right reasons and you will have ticked all the right boxes for being a ‘cool’ parent!

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